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Ink Sweeper   

SKU: ST-PKG-003   

Qty. Available:  23
Imagine offers several durable foam crafting tools to meet every ink blending paper crafting application. Some of the variaties are small-sized Sponge Daubers (sometimes called finger daubers), Jumbo Daubers, Ink Sweepers and Smudgees. Sponge Daubers are made of dense, absorbent foam. Use for dabbing and ink blending with water-based dye or pigment inks.

Place the Sponge Dauber on your fingertip for ultimate control.

how to use sponge daubers?
Using sponge daubers is easy. One of the great ways to extend the use of an inkpad with these unique crafting tools and techniques. Great for color edging, creating blended backgrounds on paper or a variety of surfaces, stenciling and applying multiple colors to rubber stamps.

how to clean sponge daubers?
We recommend sponge daubers to be used with water-based inks. This is easy to do since we offer a large variety of water-based ink pads. Once you are finished with your project, simply clean your sponge dauber with a warm soapy water solution. Press out excess water, wipe dry with a paper towel, and let dry completely. Before using with a new ink color test your used sponge dauber to make sure the color is completely cleared from the sponge.

Projects: https://www.imaginecrafts.com/browse-project-brand/39